Looking for ideas to improve your business? The video resources on this page include business tools for different stages of business growth, revenue growth, how to generate sales, increasing market share and more.

Lead business consultant Andrew Cole has applied and refined these for clients at different stages of business growth, either in a growth or development stage of their business,  as well as for businesses needing to build resilience through improved cashflow and market share.

Lets talk business support: the Zone of Despair

Are you in the Zone of Despair?

Business Growth doesn’t happen in a predictable straight trajectory. But how do you push through when despair around a lack of results sets in?

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What are the 3 types of customers for your business?

Three types of customers

Not all your potential customers are at the same stage. Learn about the three types of customers and how to identify them. From there you can choose where best to invest your time and efforts in approaching them.

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Where to find the revenue

Where to find the revenue

Finding where the revenue opportunities are in your business can be daunting. Here are four areas you can look to grow your revenue and a breakdown of how much growth potential lies in each of them. Use these to think about some immediate and longer-term ways to increase revenue.

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