AND Consulting & Coaching was formed by Andrew Cole. Originally from the UK, Andrew has spent the better part of his working life problem solving, assessing and mitigating risk and building workable strategies to achieve goals in both the public and private sector.

Andrew’s abilities in seeing the most effective way forward and figuring out what is needed have been proven many times over.

From multi-million dollar US companies looking to enter the European market to individuals needing a workable plan to change from their current path in life to a better one, to circumventing the loss of revenue, jobs, business and lives with direct interventions and roll-out of strategies.

His experience and expertise are the key ingredients in building the foundations upon which AND Consulting & Coaching are built. This is what separates us from the run-of-the-mill business coaches that are out there.

Fix your business

Are you struggling with an issue or feeling like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get ahead? Let AND help you come up with a workable strategy to resolve whatever is holding your business back.

Grow your business

Is your business at a point where it needs to grow? Is your current market not yielding enough sales? AND can help you work out where your market potential lies and how to grow your business in a sustainable way.

Get your time back

Has your business taken over your life? Do you struggle to make time for the things that matter most? Not enough time is seen as the biggest obstacle to success by business owners. Let AND help you get your time back.

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